Unacknowledged lust awarded at the 1st prize Creativity Award in the world

Luca Marchetti L M Art was admitted to the 1st Creativity Award in the world. The admission includes the exhibition of two works, A life of wait and Unacknowledged lust from 5 January to 24 February 2019, in the rooms of the Miramare and New Bristol hotels, hotels overlooking the Cesenatico canal port.
The Unacknowledged lust work will be awarded and published in the event catalog.
On Saturday 5 January, in the congress hall of the Hotel Miramare, at 16.00 there will be the official ceremony and the award of the Creativity Award in the World.  The members of the Artexpò Gallery critical commission who contributed to the selections will attend the awards ceremony.  admissions and drafting of the critical motivations assigned to the winning artists. Guest of honor of the event: dott. Matteo Gozzoli, Mayor of Cesenatico.
During the delivery ceremony, there will be a video projection of the works presented at the show. The whole event can be followed by direct facebook from the Artexpò Gallery page.

The work

Unacknowledged lust: It was created in May 2008, has a 70×100 cm format, a 7-piece print run.

Iter of the work
In 2016 Dr Alessandro Costanza reviews the work and compares it with a work by Caravaggio in the volume Progetto arte 2016 – Luca Marchetti L M Art It was exhibited for the first time at the international exhibition Barcelona art Contest in July 2018. Also in 2018, in September, at the exhibition Naples in art.

The artist’s thoughts on the work
The impenetrability of being a woman: many things speak of her perceptible to anyone, from the way they walk to how they talk. But then there is a world we can not peek, its deepest desires and even more hidden feelings, so jealously guarded that only she flips like an album of photographs on the nights of New Moon.


A life of wait:It was created in September 2012, has a format 80 x 130 cm, a circulation of 7 pieces.

Iter of the work
In October 2013 she was present at the 13th Art Shopping, in Paris; in February 2014 at the 17th international fair Art Innsbruck;
In 2016 Dr Alessandro Costanza reviews the work and compares it with a work by Pierre Auguste Renoir in the volume Progetto arte 2016 – Luca Marchetti L M Art

The artist’s thoughts on the work
Emblematic thought, death, must not be the end of everything, and if it were only the end of suffering? What if he held out his hand to save me? And if … were you? What we are looking for for a lifetime ..


Delivery of the prize

Sabato 05 Gennaio alle 16:00
Hotel Miramare
viale Carducci, 2
47042 Cesenatico FC

The exhibition

From Saturday 05 to Sunday 24 February in the hotel rooms:
Hotel Miramare, viale Carducci 2, 47042 Cesenatico FC
New Bristol, Via del Fortino 9, 47042 Cesenatico FC.
The two hotels are 150 m apart