Showcase artwork: what it is

At the Luca Marchetti studio, a limited edition artwork by Marchetti will be put on display for about a month, visible from the outside (in the dark hours they will be illuminated). It is possible to see it from the inside by making an appointment by calling 3356699342.

From 18 January to 12 February 2022

The change

Realized: May 2015
Size in cm: 80 x 130
Edition: 7

The artist’s thoughts on the artwork

There is a moment in the life of some people where it comes to a crossroads! It is that place where you are going to take a path … instinct tells you a direction, while a hand pushes you to hold back. It keeps you because that road is for one person. It’s a bond that keeps you still, blocks you, looks at the road you want to go, but you do not take the first step, and you never do it !!! Then suddenly something going on that will unlock you and take the first step … then the second. and so on without ever turning back, towards change..


It was exhibited in the Galleria August 35 Berlino in arte from 26 to 31 January 2016..

To see the video presentation of the work click here