The change

Characteristics of the work

Realized: May 2015

Size in cm: 80 x 130

Edition: 7

Quotation January 2019: 3.000,00 €

The artist’s thoughts on the work

There is a moment in the life of some people where it comes to a crossroads! It is that place where you are going to take a path … instinct tells you a direction, while a hand pushes you to hold back. It keeps you because that road is for one person. It’s a bond that keeps you still, blocks you, looks at the road you want to go, but you do not take the first step, and you never do it !!! Then suddenly something going on that will unlock you and take the first step … then the second. and so on without ever turning back, towards change..


It was exhibited in the Galleria August 35 Berlino in arte from 26 to 31 January 2016.

Characteristics of the canvas

The works are printed on precious pictorial canvas made in Italy, optimized to ensure long life and maximum color brilliance.
Resistant to sunlight.
The frame is made of a special and solid glued laminated wood, of Italian production, subjected to strict controls by experts.