Luca Marchetti L M Art at the international exhibition Rome in Art 2019

Also this year Luca Marchetti will be present at the international exhibition Rome in Art curated by the art critic Sabrina Falzone in collaboration with Arte Borgo Gallery.
Dr. Falzone has chosen to exhibit the work Between dream and reality.

The work

Between dream and reality: made in July 2013, it has a 90×120 cm format, a 7 piece run, 6 pieces available.

In December 2017 she was exhibited at the contemporary art fair Art Shopping Cote d’Azur in Cannes.

The artist’s thoughts on the work
How much I like to think that all my fantasies become reality.



Galleria Arte Borgo
Borgo Vittorio, 25
00193 Roma, Italia


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Instead of the vernissage, the finissage will be held for the first time, on June 7th at 17:00