The prize, the exhibition, the criticism

On the occasion of the Contribution to Art Award for his contribution to art and culture, in addition to having participated in the 13th edition of the Artists of the new millennium exhibition, he also received a critique of his art from Diana D’Isanto.

Criticism of the art of Luca Marchetti

Luca Marchetti is an artist, a photographer, who through his camera tells us shots of his life, summarizes human experiences and feelings in an extremely eloquent and suggestive way.

In some cases the photos are real sets, built “ad hoc” so that the scene gives the desired result, they are “living paintings”.

In others they capture impromptu moments, moments, details that would be common if not trivial to a less gifted gaze and that instead captured by Marchetti are transformed into the exposition of something great and much deeper.

The artist assigns titles to his works that in a few words summarize broad meanings and broad reasoning, which reveal essential and intrinsic aspects of our own humanity through even a single object. The dialogue that runs around Marchetti’s photos charges them with life, no longer static images but they seem to move, flowing in unison with the viewer’s thoughts, who are savoring all of their complex simplicity.

The choice of black and white, of color, of greater or lesser naturalness of the shot is linked not only to the type of message but also, in my opinion, to the type of reaction that Marchetti wants to arouse, guiding the interpretation towards a certain direction rather than another, pushing us to see what he himself has seen.

Diana D’Isanto