The works reviewed

Sabrina Falzone reviewed the works The memory’s condemnation and Aimlessly in July 2016. The two works, in October, were exhibited, the first in Nice and the second in Longarone.

Two black and white shots

Entering Luca Marchetti’s studio, although unwilling, our gaze remains entangled in that of an imposing elephant: it seems to observe our conscience and, in a certain sense, introduces us to the deeper message of the photographic work “The memory’s condemnation“. To see it we are immediately amazed and somewhat disturbed: it is inevitable.

In just one shot, the Umbrian photographer managed to tell us everything: the solemnity of the elephant shouts the warning of life, which with its wealth of experience, urges us not to repeat yesterday’s mistakes. The sufferings of the past cannot fall into oblivion, nullifying one’s own experience.

Then gradually our gaze shifts to the photograph “Aimlessly “, also in black and white, with a figure this time from behind who seems to want to show us the way. After the load of pain and mistakes, we are ready to continue our journey into existence, marked by continuous changes, which we cannot escape from, but in which it is possible to find an adequate emotional detachment to find a new balance.

Sabrina Falzone  Critico e Storico dell’Arte.