The work and the event

On the occasion of the traveling exhibition called ARTE NEL TRIANGOLO INDUSTRIALE, an event that touched three important cities such as Milan-Savona – Turin, the work The illusion of the unreal arouses interest, it is identified as the testimonial of the event and receives a review spontaneously by Prof. Aldo Maria Pero.


The “Illusion of the unreal” is the demonstration, assuming that this aspect of the visual arts still needs confirmation, of how artistic results characterized by intense poetry can be achieved by resorting to photography and computer processing. In this work Luca Marchetti outlines a dreamy vision whose details are difficult to define because they are part of illusion and unreality, but attract for the delicate violet that encamps on a white background creating the appearance of a vein of quartz that emerges from the bowels of the earth to be surrounded and almost submerged by snow. Moreover, among the various effects that the author has managed to achieve, a sense of vapidity prevails in the ideas that wander before sleep drags them on journeys of which, as it happens here, rarely remains a memory.

Aldo Maria Pero, Aprile 2013