Progetto Arte 2016 Luca Marchetti by Alessandro Costanza


Luca Marchetti is one of the artists selected by Dr. Alessandro Costanza for his 2016 art editorial project.

A book dedicated to the true art lovers, where they can appreciate not only the critical reviews and analyzes performed on the works, but also get a broad view of the current art scene. Contemporary artists who have marked the history, and who left a trail undoubtedly indelible originality, mastery, absolute innovation that brings the watchful eye of the critic and scholar – player, in a beautiful world, mainly consists of forms and colors, by prospects and key concepts, passion and rationality that are interwoven to create the only true, the only current means, to inquire and look out to the world. The art that marks the history, the art that moves, art that conveys, art that exceeds the dimensions of space and time and takes the viewer to unknown boundaries, those of the heart.

Where to find it

Available at La Feltrinelli – Mondadori youcanprint libreria – Hoepli IBS also e-books.

Progetto Arte was created in 2013 at the behest of Dr. Alessandro Costanza, critic and art historian, as a comprehensive program of reviews and critical analyzes of works of high-level art.