The beginning

Luca Marchetti was born in 1973 and is currently residing in Terni, Umbria.
His first photographs starts taking them very young, in 1979 playing with an reflex, has always shown the need to express themselves in various ways, including photography and music, another passion that carries on until the age of 13 years studying the piano.
Then his predisposition leads him to continue with photography for many years is just a amateur, takes his shots for himself in so many hidden drawers.
Acquaintances and friends ask to Luca Marchetti to capture some important moments for them, and yet this does not trigger the spark of the profession, too distracted by so many difficult situations that mark the history of his life.

Between analog and digital

Luca Marchetti conceiving photography with film as technology brings the world of digital photography, this innovation is not convinced and continues to make its amateur shots always in analog, then almost as a challenge one day ask him to make pictures but, for convenience should be taken with a digital reflex.
Luca Marchetti accepts the challenge, and for the first time compared to digital photography, he is not immediately enthusiastic, but want to discover all aspects.
Submits that the digital reflex to all the evidence that in the past and head in order to demonstrate that the traditional top, he goes to where had never tried.
This game leads him to discover his possibilities and realizes that the difference is not digital but the mind that creates the idea and substance to the feeling and the mood!
Today, Luca Marchetti uses a digital reflex and argues that the difference does not do the post production but the mind that sees a moment before what will happen after.


Become a professional photographer in 2006, begins his process by working with newspapers and news agencies,   performs services for advertising campaigns and more.

In 2013 requires screening at the National Association of Professional Photographers TAU VISUAL- that after evaluating his work issue a certificate with the assessment of 52/70. PDF certificate.

You could say that the profession of Luca Marchetti is divided into three sections:

  • Is a photojournalist who deals with sports photography and reportage intended for newspapers and agencies photojournalistic.
  • He’s creative photographer: create works of furniture and works of art limited edition signed and certified.
  • Deals with wedding photography, book, composit, calendars, advertising campaign, corporate logos and more.

Today, his style, creativity, its artistic nature is to be found in the pictures of the wedding service and the layout of increasingly diverse and personalized albums, in the newborn pictures and all the various services it offers.
For a better view of what is required to take an appointment directly with Luca Marchetti, without any commitment, will welcome you in the studio to talk about your needs and find the right solution together with you to make your wishes.

In June 2017 Luca Marchetti is on the set of the film “Uomo” as manager of set designers and still photographer , film written and directed by Mattia Bianchini.


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