Gift Card

For Christmas, birthday, anniversary or any other event, make a unique and special gift.

Gift Card by Luca Marchetti, simple gift vouchers to spend as you please by Luca Marchetti or a little more specific, such as a photography course, a canvas print from the unlimited line, a personal photo shoot, a photo shoot for the family widens and much more.


QR or Box

The gift cards can be in boxes (the vouchers of 50, 70 and 100 € are tickets in envelopes), or virtual via QR purchased from the comfort of home.

Both the boxes and the QRs can be customized by choosing from the many services available and with a possible dedication.

QR: for those who give them

Choose the Gift Voucher or Gift Card you want to give, write to Luca marchetti by email or on su WhatsApp to find out the prices and get explanations.

You will receive the voucher or card by email or on WhatsApp, you can print it or turn it over to the recipient. If requested, we can send it to the recipient by email, for a double surprise.

QR: for those who receive them

You have received a printed or digital Voucher or Gift Card.

If it is printed scan the QR, if it is in digital format just click on it, a new ticket will open with the name of the sender and the name of the recipient (ie yours) and the description of what you received.

Call Luca Marchetti and make an appointment, the gift is nominative, so in addition to the ticket with the QR also bring a document (so we are sure that no one will use your gift unjustly).



The new year is approaching. Give or treat yourself to a personalized calendar with a photo shoot by Luca Marchetti, 12 months – 12 photos.

Contact us via email, mobile and whatsapp.