No way out

Characteristics of the work

Realized: May 2007

Size in cm: 50 x 70

Edition: 5

Quotation January 2019: 1.400,00 €

The artist’s thoughts on the work

Then, in a flash of lucidity, you get to look inside yourself and you realize that you are at the end of the line. You have no more ways out or excuses to cling to; there are two roads: the second is to reproach yourself for all the errors, voluntary and otherwise, that have brought you there, and to begin to change with all the due consequences.


On the occasion of the William Shakespeare award, it was shown at the national festival The ways of colors at Grottaglie July 2016; in May 2018 he is present at the international exhibition Rome in art.

Characteristics of the canvas

The works are printed on precious pictorial canvas made in Italy, optimized to ensure long life and maximum color brilliance. Resistant to sunlight.
The frame is made of a special and solid glued laminated wood, of Italian production, subjected to strict controls by experts.