A life of wait

Characteristics of the work

Realized: September 2012

Size in cm: 80 x 130

Edition: 7

Quotation January 2019: 3.000,00 €

The artist’s thoughts on the work

Emblematic thought, death, must not be the end of everything, and if it were only the end of suffering? What if he held out his hand to save me? And if … were you? What we are looking for for a lifetime …

Description of artwork

The shadowed part represents what we do not know and we can not know and therefore we fear because we consider death as the end of everything. The illuminated part, the half of the illuminated face is quiet, the soft hand stretched without hatred or malice or cruelty, but only to welcome those who are welcome in a new home.

Reviews and Awards

Dr Alessandro Costanza in the volume Progetto arte 2016 – Luca Marchetti L M Art reviews the work and compares it with a work by Pierre Auguste Renoir

Progetto Arte was created in 2013 at the behest of Dr. Alessandro Costanza, critic and art historian, as a comprehensive program of reviews and critical analyzes of works of high-level art.
The volume “Progetto Arte 2016 – Luca Marchetti L M Art” can be purchased at La Feltrinelli – Mondadori youcanprint libreria – Hoepli IBS


In October 2013 it was present at the 13° Art Shopping , to Parigi; In February 2014 at the 17th international fair Art Innsbruck;

Characteristics of the canvas

The works are printed on precious pictorial canvas made in Italy, optimized to ensure long life and maximum color brilliance.
Resistant to sunlight but not to water.
The frame is made of a special and solid glued laminated wood, of Italian production, subjected to strict controls by experts.