Where are you lost?

Characteristics of the work

Realized: May 2012

Size in cm: 100 x 100

Edition: 5 – Available: 4

Quotation January 2019: 2.500,00 €

The artist’s thoughts on the work

At what point in your life have you been forced to change your path and become unintentionally and your bad, what you are not. Where did you get lost? The question that has the answer you would never want !!


Exhibited for the first time at the exhibition Innsbruck in Arte, from 23 January to 18 February 2016.

Characteristics of the canvas

The works are printed on precious pictorial canvas made in Italy, optimized to ensure long life and maximum color brilliance. Resistant to sunlight.
The frame is made of a special and solid glued laminated wood, of Italian production, subjected to strict controls by experts.