Where to see theworks of Luca Marchetti

As we have repeatedly said, to fully appreciate the works is better to see them live, we show below, where you can see them right now.


At the studio of Via Stefano Visciotti 9, 05100 Terni TR, Italia the following works are present:

  • No color besides yours
  • Nothing will be the same as it was before
  • The memory's condemnation
  • A life of wait
  • a smaller version of the original

Upon request and with a few days notice you can always see the studio:

  • The fisherman
  • The illegal sentence
  • Where are you lost?
  • Beyond the acceptable
  • Unusual alteration
  • The gray of the colors
  • The change
  • Aimlessly
  • Unacknowledged lust
  • The illusion of the unreal

The catalog is available at this Link


At the studio of art critic Sabrina Falzone - Via Monviso 16 / N03, Milan

  • No way out
  • The freedom of flight
  • Between dream and reality
  • clepsydra
  • the true story of a little red riding hood
  • Prisoner of herself

In exhibitions or fairs

Between dream and reality at the exhibition Rome in art From 1 to 7 June

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