Matrimonial services by Luca Marchetti

The Wedding, a special day, unique, unrepeatable.

Luca Marchetti with its simplicity, discretion and attention in capturing the moments, emotions, details, details that the couple concentrated in their emotions are not aware of living, immortalize in his narrative style this day, so that you can relive it with the same joy every time I leaf through the album.

There will be given orders or taxes poses, everything will happen naturally as you have always wanted.
The report starts from the preparation, prior to the groom's house and then the bride, continue with ceremony, religious or civil, the reception and the celebrations, cake cutting, until the end of the feast without limit and time of shots.

Furthermore, any other request will be examined and ensures the commitment to implement any your desire because everything is as you've always imagined.

The choice of the album-book is wide, both in the formats that the covers, you can choose the one album or add the mini-album for parents.

The photo book will be paginated personally by Luca Marchetti without graphic prepackaged, with his creativity.

When the layout is completed it will be your responsibility to see if there are changes to make, only after your approval will be sent to the printer.

Luca Marchetti offers various packages, from the cheapest to the most complete, with the possibility create one customized to meet the needs of each pair.

Contacted in the right time, Luca Marchetti can create for you also customized investments.
For information and details please contact, by appointment only.

Albums for parents

The mini-album for the parents are identical 20x30 album album of the spouses, same photos, same pages but with a smaller size.

Photographer Luca Marchetti, in view of the utmost transparency in relationships with clients, strives to ensure by contract, his personal presence to cover the photo shoot required and not be replaced by any colleague, (except in case of documented serious inability to perform the work). It also ensures that the images submitted to the customer for the presentation of the work, are actually the fruit of his technical ability and creative.

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