Limited Edition
Limited edition works of Luca Marchetti- registered trademark LM Art

In 2010 Luca Marchetti began to give more space to his creativity and creates Limited Edition, a limited edition works certified.

He decided to print these works on canvas framed on wood; They are accompanied by a certificate with a description of (The title, the measures, the work number and circulation) that guarantees its authenticity.

In the same year he created his first themed series, The decathlon .

Printed works after March 2014, ie after the successful registration of the mark, printed trademark L M Art on one side of the same. Being certified works is not possible to change the size or anything else.

They have been shown in various exhibitions and art fairs, including Art Innsbruck and Art Shopping at the Carrousel Du Louvre in Parigi.
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Based on time periods, you can see the works on art fairs, exhibitions or other arrangements, or by appointment at the studio; the page you can see where, when and what works you can see now.

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The works of art increase in value according to the sale, the visibility of the artist and, at national and international level.

Realization of the works

The realization of the works takes place in two different ways:
Some works are born as stolen photos, that is, they are not built, there is no preparation of the scene, objects or subjects, but they are shots sought after by Marchetti, left natural (see Between heaven and earth and The freedom of flight ) or modified with filters to be able to transmit the message desired by Marchetti (see Between dream and reality and Defending the passion ).

Others start much earlier, the work is already in the mind of Marchetti, so we work to achieve it by looking for the right location, the subject that comes closest to what we imagined, possible visas, make-up artists and much more (see A life of wait and The true story of Little Red Riding Hood ). Until you get to the day of realization, which must all be perfect or almost since Marchetti does not repeat the shooting day if something did not work.

Opere d'arte per pagare il fisco, un segnale importante ″ Una buona notizia, un riconoscimento importante del valore dell′ arte come investimento″ .
Così Nicola Rossi, direttore artistico di ArtePadova, una delle più importanti e ″logeve″ mostre mercato dedicate all′ Arte Moderna e Contemporanea nel panorama nazionale (Fiera di Padova, 14-17 novembre 2014)....
Fra gli investimenti più vantaggiosi anche se più rischiosi, quelli sui giovani talenti: scommettere su un giovane può significare arrivare a decuplicare il valore investito. ....
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In July 2016 the art critic Sabrina Falzone writes a Critical review on the works The memory's condemnation and Aimlessly

In the book Progetto Arte 2016 Luca Marchetti Alessandro Costanza recensisce 8 works. The book is on sale in many online bookstores and the Feltrinelli.

In June 2015, on the occasion of the award to his person for his contribution to art and culture III edition Diana D'Isanto writes a review on his art.

In January 2015 José Van Roy Dali writes areview the work the illegal sentence which is published in the magazine Art Effect January / February 2015

In April 2013 The illusion of the unreal receive a review by Aldo Maria Pero

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