Luca Marchetti L M Art to Modern and contemporary art fair Arte Fiera Dolomiti

Luca Marchetti continues this year full of commitments exposing one of his works in limited edition to the art fair Modern and Contemporary Arte Fiera Dolomiti from the 01 to 03 October 2016, the stand of Sabrina Falzone.


Longarone Fiere
via del parco 3,
32013 Longarone, BL


Saturday 01 and Sunday 02, 10:00 to 19:00 hours
Monday 3 hours 10:00 to 17:00
Vernissage Saturday 01 at 10: 00

Exhibition of Modern and Contemporary Art which is spread over an area of 4000 square meters in the halls of the Fair Longarone (BL).
An important event for the art galleries, enthusiasts and collectors.
The stand by Sabrina Falzone will present a selection of international artists and works characterized by a lively stylistic verve, straying from the visual arts to sculpture to photography..

The work

The work in the exhibition is Aimlessly, has a cm 70x100, a run of 7 pieces, available 4.
The artist's thoughts on the work
You get to a point that it does not matter where it takes you change, the important thing is to get out of that life which obscures your soul

Sabrina Falzone wrote a critical review of this work

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L'edizione 2016 vedrĂ  la conferma di una serie di importanti eventi che spazieranno dalla fotografia, alla scultura, alla pittura, alla video art, ecc. Il tutto attraverso le opere di tanti autori, artisti affermati proposti da Gallerie d'Arte e giovani promesse emergenti. ... ©


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