Luca Marchetti L M Art to International Exhibition of Contemporary Art Innsbruck in Arte 2017

Luca Marchetti opens 2017 with the International Exhibition of Contemporary Art INNSBRUCK IN ARTE from 20 January to 08 February 2017.


Galleria ArtInnovation
Pradler Strasse 41,
6020 Innsbruck, Austria


From Monday to Friday
from 16:00 to 18:30
free entrance
Saturday and Sunday close

Also in 2017 Luca Marchetti opens the year with the International Exhibition of Art in Art Innsbruck 2017 , Austria.

The work

The memory's condemnation: after London and Nice work also comes in Innsbruck, has a format 80x150 cm, a pieces of 7 available 6.

The artist's thoughts on the work

It is a contrasting whirl the memory of all the suffering, that allows us not to repeat the same mistakes, suffering which can not be forgotten otherwise have been lived in vain.

Aimlessly: The Second is the work flow at the Show this year, has a cm 70x100, a run of 7 pieces, available 6.
The artist's thoughts on the work
You get to a point that it does not matter where it takes you change, the important thing is to get out of that life which obscures your soul

Sabrina Falzone wrote a critical review of this work

Some press

Il nuovo anno inizierà con l'inaugurazione della Mostra Internazionale "Innsbruck in Arte 2017", un progetto espositivo in Austria realizzato dal team Sabrina Falzone, Giuseppe Di Salvo, Josef Rojko e Anita Rojko.... continue.... laws pdf

Una Mostra d’Arte Internazionale si svolgerà dal 20 gennaio all'8 febbraio 2017 nella cittadini austriaca. Inaugurazione ufficiale prevista per il prossimo venerdì 20 gennaio alle ore 17.... continue..... laws pdf

Luca Marchetti - LM Art sarà presente alla mostra Organozzata da Sabrina Falzone presso lo spazio espositivo Artinnovation..... continue.... laws pdf

Innsbruck Dal 20 gennaio all’8 febbraio 2017 Galleria: ARTINNOVATION Pradler Strasse 41 Inaugurazione: Venerdì 20 gennaio alle ore 17 Orari.... continue... laws pdf

Galerie Artinnovation | Internationale Künstler-innen der Mailänder Galerie Sabrina Falzone stellen ihre Werke.... continue... laws pdf


The Gallery

The inauguration

artista Luca Marchetti opere L M Art mostra innsbruck in arte 2017

Nel video Sabrina Falzone racconta le opere esposte a Innsbruck

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